Use of the Behaviour Management Colourometer®


Changing Behaviour

The Colourometer® provides a precise measure for the effects of bad behaviour on everyone involved in a negative situation; whether in the classroom, the home or the wider community. The dangers and limitations of being on RED can be explained using the HeartKids® Signpost for Life®. Through questioning and counselling, new behaviours can be considered to move from RED through YELLOW to GREEN.


After de-escalation of angry behaviour the Colourometer® can be used to pinpoint the moment when emotions spiralled out of control. Strategies can then be explored and agreed to start the change towards more controlled YELLOW and then GREEN responses.

Substance Abuse

Seeing people suffer through substance abuse can be particularly difficult for close friends and family who are often powerless to stop the decline. The Colourometer® is used to communicate this distress between those who engage in substance abuse and those who are closest to them. It can be a starting point for the counselling process, an instrument to develop honesty and an indicator of the longer term progress of change.


Words are inadequate to express the numbing effects of depression. The Colourometer® enables the seesaw effects of depression to be recorded and acknowledged and can help identify moments which trigger this effect. As the relationship grows between counsellor and counselled, the colour changes can be the starting point for a more open dialogue.


The Colourometer® enables children, young people and adults to equate their emotions with situations of loss and recognise when they are passing through the various stages of their recovery and adaption to changes in their lives.


A sudden change in emotional state due to traumatic experience can be frightening and isolating for anyone and especially for children. The Colourometer® enables relationships and communication to be established with a key person who can support and guide them towards recovery.