Family Life

Use of the Behaviour Management Colourometer® Tool



Family life today is pressured, diverse and sometimes intense. As each member grows up and becomes increasingly independent the interdependence between family members is vital. Have a named Colourometer® for each person in the household on the fridge door.


Make the emotional well-being for everyone in the family the responsibility of everyone in the family. Check the colours of each family member each night. Use them to open up conversations that are needed to support or to applaud the lows and highs of the day.


Focus on what is good behaviour by showing GREEN on the Colourometer® and on how children are making positive changes by using YELLOW. It’s easy to show disapproval of behaviour choices by using our voice but substituting it by showing RED helps defuse anger and frustration and be the motivation for positive change.


The paths of family members may only briefly pass during the day but use a colour and a post-it note.

‘Thanks for doing the dishes without asking’. Love mum x’


Encouraging children to take an active part in the routines of the household requires patience and determination. No matter if the outcome at first is less than helpful; thanking them for their efforts using the Colourometer® is a more permanent reminder than a brief word and will reinforce how helping around the house makes everyone happy.