Use of the Behaviour Management Colourometer Tool


Healthy Lifestyle

The colours of the Colourometer can relate to choices that are made in any aspect of life and their consequences for health and general well-being. Link the choice to a colour and the opportunities for celebration on GREEN or change from RED through YELLOW can be explored discussed and if necessary, acted upon.

Pain Gauge

Using the Colourometer is an innovative and precise way for people of any age to communicate the levels of their physical or emotional pain to health professionals. This is a tool no health professional, especially those working with children and young people, should be without.

Monitoring Outcomes

Even more importantly, a record of colour choice in response to pain or emotional levels over a period of time provides an accurate picture of how levels of pain and emotions have changed.

Recovery Aid

When the patient sees, through a record of colour changes, how their pain has improved they will know they are getting better which in itself speeds recovery.