Learning Enviroments

Use of the Behaviour Management Colourometer® Tool


Behaviour Management

Ask children to take responsibility for their behaviour using the Colourometer®. No need for confession time. RED indicates that key issues have to be addressed and worked through to YELLOW to implement change. GREEN enables positive results to be celebrated.


Admitting lack of understanding takes courage. Confidence comes when negative feelings are recognised during the learning process and can be flagged up to the teacher immediately by moving the dial on the Colourometer® to RED. The teacher is not interrupted mid flow but immediately knows which young people will then need further support.

Learning Process

Use a shared learning method by asking children who are working on GREEN to work with and support children on RED. In the meantime, children on YELLOW can pair up and share their answers and understanding. Confidence is contagious and easily spreads from child to child.

Emotional Register

Find out if your young people are ready for learning. Children who need to talk are often ‘lost for words’. Use the Colourometer® and take this problem away. Children on RED cannot learn and need to be sympathetically heard to enable them to move on to YELLOW and then to GREEN. Only then, can the process of learning begin.


Bullying incidents are full of emotion which often fuels the situation. Using the Colourometer® with young people brings them and the problems to the surface forming the starting point of conflict resolution.


Explore how the mindset of children affects their accomplishment and get to the heart of how their fear of failure is often the root of underachievement. In one-to-one situations, the Colourometer® enables the individual to be honest and answer searching and deep feeling questions.