Teenagers - Arson and Hoax Calls DVDs

I think that if everyone watched the Hoax Calls DVD then no one would ever make a hoax call. I didn’t know any of that!

CHILD WHISPERING® IS AMAZING! I felt that the Hoax Calls and Arson DVDs were very powerful and I would NEVER! ….do anything like that.

It was a brilliant DVD and has definitely stopped me from even thinking about making a hoax call because I never knew what happened if we did.

It was clever and having watched the DVD I would never even think about doing a hoax call. Everyone in the world should watch this! Thanks

I would never think about getting involved in arson or hoax calling. All schools should be shown this and it would definitely make a difference.

The Arson and Hoax calls DVDs were very powerful. I learnt a lot in this lesson. It was excellent. It should be shown in primary schools too!

After watching the DVD I would never make a hoax call after seeing the effects. I learnt loads and the session was really great fun.

Arson DVD should be shown to other people so that it shows other children the consequences of their actions. It was a great lesson and fun.

A powerful DVD highlighting the serious consequences of Arson. The lesson was great and should be shown to all schools.

It really made you think about the consequences of your actions. “Just having a laugh” is no excuse.

I wouldn’t have made a hoax call before, but I definitely won’t now!

Extremely powerful and very well made DVD. Would definitely stop people making hoax calls. It should be shown to other schools.

It helps you understand the wrongs and rights. I never knew that it cost so much for hoax calls.

This session was excellent and could really make a difference if shown to primary school children as well to teach about hoax calls.