PARENTS, TEACHERS, PLAYGROUPS, NURSERIES, PRE-SCHOOLS, SOCIAL WORKERS and in fact ALL ADULTS working with children and young people will benefit greatly from introducing and using the simple but highly effective Child Whispering® communication concept.

Child Whispering® is unique in that it uses colour, shape and characters to communicate key life messages to young people of all ages to help them to live a healthy, happy and successful journey through childhood into adulthood.

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  • Underpinning the philosophy of the Child Whispering® concept are the shapes and colour in our powerful and inclusive Signpost for Life®, the first universally understood communication signpost! We believe this is the key focus for successful everyday living and, once understood, can be used in any situation as the “acceptable and responsible rules for life!”
  • The Colourometer® is an integral part of all Child Whispering® materials and activities. Subtle colour change is the essence of our innovative BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT COLOUROMETER® product. This small hand-held tool can also be used as a morale compass and as an emotional barometer to evaluate young people's level of understanding in different learning situations!
  • Crucial life style choices are delivered by our ethnically diverse HeartKids® and HeartFolk® characters through fun and stimulating materials and always include the Colourometer® to reinforce learning.



Sandy Kennedy, founder of Child Whispering®, spent a long and successful career as a teacher in both secondary and primary schools. She trained extensively in all aspects of pastoral care including working alongside abuse victims and their families. She is also a mother and a grandmother.

Throughout her career Sandy has witnessed the positive effect which good communication between children and young people and the significant adults in their lives can have on the education process.

Sandy has also seen the damaging effects of a breakdown in communication in family homes, schools and in the wider community. As a result she became determined to do something about it.

Sandy has worked tirelessly and passionately in the development and implementation of an exciting range of interactive materials which connect with children and young people in their own world. The Child Whispering Signpost for Life®, the Colourometer® the HeartKids® and the HeartFolk® have awakened the minds of many and guided them to adopt positive and life-changing behaviour in the key areas of their lives.

Sandy has delivered numerous workshops and training sessions in the UK and the USA to a wide audience of adults, students and children of all ages. For feedback, look at the “What People Say” section on the website. She has featured on both television and radio and was named “Express Woman” in the Daily Express following her innovative and inspirational work.

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