The Heartkids

Our Child Whispering® Signpost for Life® concept is delivered by our ethnically diverse HeartKids® characters using an array of exciting visual materials.

The thirty six HeartKids® have been cleverly crafted and named to instantly identify with children from any cultures, background or ability.

Children and young people can have fun by clicking on the HeartKids® Register button. They can actually see each HeartKid® growing up and read a separate story about each one of them.

The HeartKids® development into teenagers, young adults and then mature citizens (the HeartFolk®) creates a universal sense of identity with whom everyone can connect.

The HeartKids® Complete Communication Toolkit...
  • The Child Whispering® Signpost for Life®
  • The HeartKids®
  • The HeartFolk®
  • The Behaviour Management Colourometer® (An Emotional Barometer/Morale Compass)

...can be adapted to create bespoke materials to provide support to tackle the challenges and issues which affect our communities, families and society as a whole.