What People Say




“As a Social Services Manager I worked with Sandy Kennedy in her role as Designated Teacher for Child Protection in a large Secondary School. Her ability to communicate sensitively and creatively with children, particularly those distressed or traumatised, was a source of great comfort to these young people and an inspiration to her colleagues. I have every confidence in her ability to see beyond the problems of young people in the classroom setting and to develop unique and effective ways of gaining their trust and co-operation”

     (David Newton, National Training and Development Officer NSPCC)

“Sandy Kennedy has the knack of “getting through” to pupils, teachers and parents. Her approach to enabling teachers to motivate the disaffected is based on extensive successful experience of teaching and pastoral work. Her sensitive and creative ideas will inspire the dispirited and her practical suggestions will bring positive and lasting outcomes.”

     (Peter Downes, Past President of the Secondary Heads Association)

“Sandy was widely acknowledged as the teacher with the most talent for turning difficult kids around. She was so approachable and always willing to make time for staff, students and parents. Sandy didn’t simply tell me what to do or describe how to deal with a problem. She listened and offered some suggestions. We then developed an action plan which married her ideas with strategies I would be comfortable with. This generated a solution in which I had complete confidence.”

     (Angie Bruce, Geography Teacher)

“After my meeting with Sandy, I came away feeling very inspired and with some great ideas & techniques that I am very keen to introduce into my sports sessions.

“I will certainly be recommending Child Whispering to the school's that I work with as I feel this should be in every school. I will also be encouraging my staff to adopt Sandy's techniques & strategies when dealing with children.”

     (Mark Downing, Just Do it with Sport)


Education Inset Days:

Northern Ireland – Education for Mutual Understanding
Primary Schools
– One Protestant & Two Catholic

  • Superb day. I could have listened to more. Thank you for valuing us! Absolutely brilliant day. Would recommend to every school!
  • Many thanks. Today has been so inspiring for me as a NQT!! I have seen and heard a great deal that I plan to experiment with in my classroom. Lovely to be part of a conference that has been so worth while.


  • Best inset. Full on!
  • What a totally fab session! Lots of ideas to use.
  • One of the best sessions we have had! (Cheers)
  • Thanks Sandy for relaxing us before Ofsted.


  • Thoroughly enjoyed the bright ideas. I’m sure everyone will endeavour to put these techniques into practice?
  • Some great ideas. Look forward to trying some! Thank you.
  • Some great ideas and your enthusiasm is infectious!


  • Wonderful! Thank you so much (Head Teacher)
  • Brilliant day! You were so enthusiastic about Child Whispering®. I enjoyed every moment. Thank you.
  • A thoroughly enjoyable and useful session. I will definitely be using the dial and will avoid eye contact during confrontational moments!

Special - Emotional and Behavioural

  • Brill. Learnt such a lot this morning. Will try to keep on green!
  • Wonderful. Using the Behaviour Management Colourometer® tool is a great way at looking at life.
  • Well presented. Brilliant start to new term. Lots of ideas to work on. Thanks.

Teacher Training

Quality with a capital Q.

Inspirational! Great practical fun ideas to take away – brilliant infectious enthusiasm. Thank you very much

Wish we did more like this good practical advice that can be easily applied. Allows teachers to become an approachable human and humane being. Reinforces my own experience as a youth worker and educator of excluded students and youth offenders. Good luck! Schools need more input like this!

Brilliant! Best lecture yet. (Thank you very much)

Fantastic session! Great insight into kids.

Superb! Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Will definitely take some of the ideas into my teaching.

Excellent! The most inspiring lecture this term. Thank you.

Fantastic! Some good ideas about class management and relationships.

Quality! Really enjoyed it - best lecture yet!

SO INSPIRING!! I loved it and now want to be a full time teacher immediately so I can make a difference to kids lives.

Interesting and very different!! A really positive insight to how we as a teacher can make school fun and enjoy teaching!! Love how you focus on the positive rather than the negative.

Cheers! Very useful session. Really enjoyed it. It was useful both as a future teacher and as a parent.

A very interesting session, lots of classroom ideas which would help a lot of disruptive kids. Thanks.


Parenting Workshops

Every parent should the opportunity to take part in this!

Amazing! Would like to see this in all schools.

“Food for thought!” You are an inspiration and I feel inspired to try many ideas out. THANKS.

Inspirational. Fantastic. Would like to find out more!

I have been very inspired and impressed by the session. Sandy you are a wonderful resource and your Child Whispering® techniques will be an inspiration in my family life, social groups and work. Thanks

Well done, keep going. Excellent evening. Plenty of food for thought and now it is time to put it into practice, remembering it all and keeping calm!

Could you do a parenting course? I would come. I’m converted. Just need support.

Brilliant! My child is more 17 months than 17 years but I’m going to start early!

Learnt a lot not only with own children but also in the work environment. Taught me to be calm and not shout therefore getting somewhere - Listen to your children and don’t always jump down their throats. Put the calm hand on shoulder technique

Very good. It’s a mixture of citizen science, family values, Christian values and interpersonal skills. These are real skills for life.